A custom made low voltage electrical panels designed and build according to IEC 60439-1 standard including type test arrangements, along the state of art for control and automation techniques.

Product Range:
    1. Panels Building and Assembly
       a. low Voltage switch boards
       b. Motor Control Centres MCC’s
       c. Lighting Panels
       d. Capacitor Banks power factor correction panels
       e. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

    2. Control and Automation
       a. PLC&SCADA
       b. Building Management Systems
       c. Energy Management
       d. Telemetry Solutions

    3. Instrumentations and Filed Devices
       Over 15 years of experience in installation, termination startup and
      Calibration for major filed devices types and technologies.

itqan Panel Builders & Automation

       1. Oil & Gas Plants
       2. Waste Water
       3. Water Treatment and Lifting
       4. Pharmaceutical
       5. Industrial Factories
       6. Food and Drinks
       7. Chemical Industry
       8. Communication

itqan Panel Builders & Automation